Paradox Repair Utility

What is it? view screen shot

Paradox Database Repair Utility.

based on the Borland Utility
Written by: Scott Frolich and Xavier Pacheco

This application was created with Delphi 3.02 -- it is a skeleton application
for developers to enhance, customize and personalize as they see fit. Or
to use as a starting point.

The source is available below in both Delphi 5 and Delphi 2007.

Includes TUtil32.dll for v4.51 and v5.0 of the BDE. Replace it with the correct version
if you are using any other version of the BDE.

What is different?

1. This Utility acts on ALL tables in a Database, rather than
just one table and its primary index.

2. When rebuilding, a backup file is created (in the \priv directory under
the application directory) for each file of a rebuilt table using the original
table name appended with 'backup'. The same is done for Keyviol and Problem
output tables.

3. The biggest enhancement is the new 'Check & Repair' option,
which opens and closes EACH table in the database
with EVERY index available for the table. This is necessary to catch
'index out of date' errors on secondary indexes. Tables that fail to
open without error are rebuilt. [this is an area that could be optimized
by only regenerating the index, rather than rebuilding the table and all indexes]

4. Verify and Rebuild are quite similar to the original implementations, other
than the above noted changes.

5. Details of usage are written to a log file. (in the \priv directory under
the application directory)

6. Operation can be cancelled. This takes effect after current table has
completed being checked and/or rebuilt.

IMPORTANT!!!! before using this utility, ensure that you have the correct
TUtil32.dll for your version of the BDE.

The DLL that is included with this utility is for v4.51 only

No warranty of any kind applies to this code and software.
Prudence requires testing this utility on unimportant data.


PDoxRepair.exe & BDE v5.0 Tutil32.dll (539kb) - Built with Delphi 2007.

Delphi 2007 Source & Tutil32.dlls (215kb) - includes both v5.0 and v4.51 Tutil32 DLLs.

PDoxRepair.exe & BDE v4.51 Tutil32.dll (347kb) - Built with Delphi 5.

Delphi 5 Source (40kb) - You will need the proper Tutil32.dll in order to compile and execute.


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