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CA - DE-9/9C
Quarterly Report
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IRS - 941 &
Schedule B
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Quarterly Report
TX - C-3/C-4
Quarterly Report


Qxtender Plugin

IRS 941 & Schedule B - Quarterly Return (Print / e-file export)


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Direct Mode access to QB 2014 & later requires purchase of a separate license (except during Special Free Trial). See Plugin Pricing page for important information.

Update to Qxtender 3.40 or later for QB 2019 and Enterprise 19.0 support.

New User? To get started, download and install Qxtender, then use its integrated Online Update Utility to get this Plugin.

Pending Version: none

Current Version Highlights: 4.05

This major update adds the capability to print the full Form 941 in addition to the Schedule B. It also export files to 3rd party software for e-filing. Qtools Software has collaborated with Lewis Software Associates, LLC to provide an export/import interface to their Quarterly Express Plus e-file software. (see the video demonstration below)

Current Version: 4.05 (released May 6, 2019)
Current Version Status:
- Print Format: Up to date (thru tax year 2019).
- Data Handling: Up to date.

Qxtender Data Modes Supported:

  • QB Integrated Application Mode
    (QB 2006-2019 Pro, Premier / Enterprise 6.0-19.0)
    (best for QB 2006-2019)
  • QB Application Controller Mode
    (QB 2006-2019 Pro, Premier / Enterprise 6.0-19.0)
  • Export Mode
    (QB 2006-2019 Pro, Premier / Enterprise 6.0-19.0)
    (use this to avoid Direct Mode license for QB 2014 & later or as a workaround for problems in other data modes.)
  • Manual Data Entry Mode
    (Not yet supported)

- QuickBooks Data Requirement: This Plugin requires either a QuickBooks® data file or specific files exported from QB.
- Usable Without QB Data: No.

Prior Version Info: Version 3.06 and earlier produce an older print format. Please update to version 3.10 or later.


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